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It is the new type cutting fluid developed by our company, which belongs to the high-end product in the metal working industry. It has the following significant technical advantages:
1.It may remove the volatile organic compounds and reduce the occurrence of smog.
2.It may remove the adherent oil stain, without the viscidity and lubrication limitation.
3.It has the ultra-strong hard water resistance and wide applicability. Under the hard water status with the crystal grain of 100, the cutting fluid will still maintain its anti-corrosion and emulsification stability.
4.It has the stable PH value, which may ensure its good working environment. The long service life may effectively prevent from the occurrence of putrid odor.
5.The metal will not be polluted. Even the aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and zinc alloy will also not have any corrosion.  
6.The excellent moisture retention is enhanced at the following aspects: cooling and extend the life span of the cutting tool. Besides, it may provide the mechanical ductility with the wider range.
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