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In order to ensure that the release agent may be stuck to the high temperature part, it is feasible to realize the demolding only through the large number of spraying of the products with the high silicon content. The magnesium alloy release agent of Qiweishi is mixed with the special additives and evenly mixed with the ultrafine particles, which can enhance the adhesion, high temperature fluidity of the metal, and the fluidity that the molten metal will not be realized within the die under the high temperature of 300℃.

The product may also form the firm coating of release agent on the die at the high temperature. Meanwhile, due to the excellent heat resistance of the coating, it becomes the lubricating film on the die at the high temperature, so as to realize the lubrication between the molten metal and the die, and further realize the demolding. Especially, its fine coating may be easily removed, and its product has the good coating adaptability. Therefore, its product is widely applied to all sorts of magnesium alloy products. It is a significant technical breakthrough upon the traditional release agent with the high silicon content.
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