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2019年3月9日,我司榮獲北京泰瑞特認證有限責任公司頒發的ISO9001和ISO14001管理體系認證證書。 質量是企業的生命、是企業可持續發展的的基礎,為進一步規范公司采購、生產、檢驗、儀器、設備、銷售、環保等管理流程,有效控制風險,形成標準規范化的管理模式,我司全面按照體系標準、國家和行業標準以及相關法律法規策劃并導入ISO質量管理體系和ISO環境管理體系。兩證書的獲得,使我司在市場競爭中樹立了良好的企業形象和信譽,促進了公司內部管理的標準化、程序化、規范化,為公司實現全面的科學管理奠定了基礎,對公司的長遠發展具有重要意義。......
Dongguan Pengrun Die Casting Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Pengrun Technology) was founded in June 2008. Previously known as Dongguan Pengrun Lubricant Co., Ltd., it was renamed as Dongguan Pengrun Chemical Products Co., Ltd......
Metal parts are prone to rust during production, processing and transportation. The so-called rust is due to the formation of a mixture of oxides and hydroxides on the metal surface due to the action of oxygen and water. It is difficult for the machine to be in contact with oxygen......
Throughout today's cutting fluid market, more and more emerging cutting technologies and corresponding products are available. Faced with the improvement of human environmental awareness, the market is increasingly demanding the green environmental performance of cutting fluids......
The lubrication effect of the metal cutting fluid (also known as coreless cutting fluid) during the cutting process can reduce the friction between the rake face and the chip, the flank face and the machined surface, forming a partial lubrication film, thereby reducing Cutting force......
In-situ rust removal of the reinforced steel bar: the steel rust remover (the raw liquid used, can not be watered) is sprayed into the sprayer and sprayed directly on the surface of the steel bar to prevail the rust stain of the steel. The surface is dried for 2-4 hours, and dried for 24 hours. After drying......
The company firstly acted as the agency for imported lubricants, lubricant additives and metalworking fluid compounding agents. In 2016, the company adapted to the expansion of its business and established the R&D and Production Base of Pengrun Technology......



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