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Future development of cutting fluid
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Throughout today's cutting fluid market, more and more emerging cutting technologies and corresponding products are available. Faced with the improvement of human environmental awareness, the market is increasingly demanding the green environmental performance of cutting fluids. For example, the use of biodegradable vegetable oils instead of mineral oil as the base oil for cutting fluids, and the replacement of toxic additives in water-based cutting fluids with tungstates, molybdates, etc., have gradually become the research and development direction of scientific and technical personnel.

With the development of the overall technology of the machinery industry, the cutting speed of the machine tool is faster, the cutting load is larger, the cutting temperature is higher, and new processes are emerging to adapt to the processing of new materials, which requires new high-performance cutting fluids to meet the processing requirements. At the same time, according to the requirements of labor hygiene and environmental protection, the cutting fluid should contain as much as possible no substances harmful to human health and ecological environment. In recent years, there are more and more advanced equipments such as CNC machine tools and machining centers imported from China. If the cutting fluids used are imported from abroad, the transportation is inconvenient and the cost is high. Therefore, it is our country to develop high-performance cutting fluids to replace imported products. It is imperative. In China, the use of water-based cutting fluids is becoming wider and wider, and the transition from emulsion to synthetic cutting fluid and micro-emulsion with good performance and long life has begun.

The development of high-performance, environmentally-friendly, degradable, long-life cutting fluids; researching methods to extend the service life of cutting fluids, thereby reducing the amount of waste liquid discharge from cutting fluids, is an important part of cutting fluid research at home and abroad.






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